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Ariana Grande did not want to make that show anymore and that's why it was canceled. Write your own joke: Ciara broke up with The Future and can now see the future.Nevermind, Page Six already made the clairvoyance joke, but anyway, yeah, Ciara broke things off with her fiancé, rapper The Future and she mentioned this fact briefly in an otherwise unrelated interview with Us Weekly. I was like ‘this is what it would feel like if I was with him’ and I was like, wow and then it just kind of went away because I was like I know he’s dating people and all that stuff so I was like, well nah, I’m not.” Saying they are much like Jerry and Elaine from NBC's classic series , Kel says that the bond he and his wife developed while forming a friendship and cultivating their relationship (which included waiting 6 months for a kiss) was made stronger by their decision to to not be intimate before marriage. "I remember going to one of her shows and we were in Long Beach and we were on a merry go round—a ferris wheel—we were on a ferris wheel and the ferris wheel shook a little bit, and she was scared and she jumped in my arms, right. It was just like, I knew in that moment but I didn’t say anything and as we were dating later, I spoke about that and she said she knew at that time too.” Aww! "It was like that brief little moment of us on the ferris wheel and it felt like if we were together. ’ It was just like, God gave me that feeling that at that moment.But as long as you stay true to yourself, you'll be fine.I mean the beauty of it is, there's always a new story tomorrow. The couple reveal that they started off as just friends then decided to take things slow while dating. “There was one incident when we were hanging out and I went to one of her shows because I used to go to her shows because I was a fan, I liked her music and everything," Mitchell recalled. ' podcast, senior digital love and relationships editor Charli Penn sits down with Nickelodean star and comedian Kel Mitchell, and his wife, singer Asia Lee to dig into their love. The 38-year-old actor, who starred on before they even thought about becoming husband and wife, there was one moment when sparks flew and they each felt a little chemistry but decided not to say anything for the sake of preserving their friendship.

They snuck in suggestive and lewd innuendos that would make Disney blush. Allow me to wreck your happy memories with these raunchy cartoon reminders.

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[on celebrities constantly being scrutinized] It comes with the territory.

I mean, with social media and everything it is getting a little worse.