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Das gesamte Pollinium misst etwa 1000 × 500 µm, die einzelnen Pollenpakete etwa 200 × 100 µm, eine Tetrade misst 20 × 20 µm.Die Einzelheiten der Pollinien sprechen für eine Verwandtschaft der fossilen Orchidee mit der Subtribus Goodyerinae.In the most recent of the family five subfamilies are recognized. These are traditionally distinguished by features of the gynoecium and androecium, which are typically fused. While some have single flowers, most have inflorescences with multiple flowers arranged around a stalk.

dating the origin of the orchidaceae-15dating the origin of the orchidaceae-83

The recent discovery of an extinct species of stingless bee exquisitely preserved in Miocene amber with an orchid pollinarium still attached has fascinating implications. They characteristically have highly specialized flowers; however the only universal character that unites the family is the protocorm. The protocorm is an early developmental stage following seed germination in which a linkage is formed between the orchid seedling and symbiotic fungus. DNA data and Orchidaceae systematics: a new phylogenetic classification. Das Pollinarium besteht aus zwei keulenförmigen Pollinien, die jeweils wieder in über 100 Pollenpakete (Massulae) aufgeteilt sind.Jedes dieser Pakete besteht aus zusammengeklebten Pollen-Tetraden.