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My-Travel-Mate bills itself as a site "for dating free singles".Offering free registration to its online community of travel fans, you can search for your ideal companion or date and interact with them about all your travel interests and hobbies.Like other dating websites, Trip2Date also allows you to post your personal profile to be reviewed by hundreds of interested singles that are looking for travel partners. There's always been an appetite for solo travelers trying to find travel companions,” Robert Reid, Lonely Planet's U. “You can go to cities with higher single-to-married ratios. For example, in the site's “recently entered travel plans” section one members post reads: “Looking for females to meet up in Majorca, Palma…Staying at the Ghills hotel, get in touch and hookup J.” Once you create a profile you can post details about your upcoming trips to see if other members are from the area or would like to join you and become your travel companion.An entire page is dedicated to success stories and testimonials on the benefits of meeting new travel buddies.The Eros Partners, LLC series of sites cater to the progressive-thinking adult, but respect individual privacy with intimate topics.After all, just because you are progressive-thinking doesn't mean you want to broadcast intimate details about yourself to the world.When it comes time to playing cupid, there are many websites who want a piece of the action.Yet, dating sites have traditionally been mostly limited to dates -- falling short of taking the complicated step of traveling together. A new breed of website is evolving that's matching up travelers looking for a buddy --someone to take that bike tour through Italy, for example --but may be open for a little romance as well.

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Each time a trip is planned, a new view of the member's profile is created in the destination city.Find out how we can support you and your assignees by saving you time and providing in-depth, affordable, destination-specific information plus a newly launched robust cultural learning platform for your assignees and their families.Welcome to Angeles Bars, your complete guide to all the wonderful bars located in the nightlife district of Angeles City Philippines.Locals, as well as other travelers to that city, are able to view and communicate with each other to create social contacts.As a grand opening special, Traveling is giving free full memberships, which are valid until December 2009, to those who sign up by creating a profile and posting one photo of themselves.